Currensee Social Network FAQ's

What is Currensee?
Currensee combines social networking with real trade collaboration to create a highly active network of traders and a new way to make investing decisions based on trust and transparency. Currensee traders from over 130 countries have joined the first Forex

trading social network

and linked their live brokerage accounts with one of over 100 brokers supported by the platform. Members of the trading social network can see each other's actual trades and share trading strategies in real-time, all while using the unique Currensee Market Watch Social Indicators™ to make more informed decisions. We’re changing the financial services industry one trader at a time.

Why should I share my trades and trading history with other people?
Currensee is all about delivering trust and transparency to Forex traders. It’s one thing to say you’re going to take a trade. It’s yet another to pull the trigger. It’s one thing to say you have the best performance ever in a back-tested demo account. It’s yet another to show your performance in a real, live account. Our platform gives traders the ability to see what other traders are doing – real trades made by real traders in real-time. Our members know that sharing real trades and positions can often lead to new insights and new ideas that can change the way they make decisions.

How does Currensee make money?
Joining Currensee is free. We make money in a few different ways. First, we act as an Introducing Broker (IB), which means that when we introduce a trader to a broker, the broker pays us a fee. We also make money through the Trade Leader program, where we earn a management fee on investor accounts.

What is the Currensee Trader Leaderboard?
Since we’re all about performance transparency, we created the Forex industry’s first Trade Leaderboard that ranks top Forex traders based on both historical and real-time performance along with a proprietary performance authority and risk index. The new Leaderboard feature is available to all Currensee members, adding an unprecedented level of transparency through access to real-time performance data of the most successful traders in the network.

What are Currensee Social Indicators?
Imagine knowing what all the Currensee traders are doing right now. Which positions are winning? Losing? Think of the power that comes from knowing that the Currensee trader network is long EUR/USD when you’re short. We give you access to unique social analytics that aggregate the trades of the network by sentiment and volume and share them back with the network. Many of our members combine this unique social data with their traditional technical indicators for a whole new way to look at the market.

How do I connect with other members?
As a member of our trader network, you can easily connect with other traders on Currensee. You can read any member’s profile, search for members by name, approach, country or a variety of other criteria. You can see a members strategies and performance. When you’re ready, you simply click the “invite” button to connect with that trader. Once the trader accepts your invitation, you are trading friends and you can see each other’s trades and positions in real-time, chat with each other and collaborate on a variety of trading ideas and strategies.

How can I retrieve my username/password?
It happens. Your username is the email address you used to create your account.  To reset your password, click on this link.  For further help, contact us at  and we'll make sure you can get into your account.

What browsers do you support?
Still on IE 6? Well, my friend, it’s time to take your browser into the 21st Century. Currensee works best on the latest browsers. We are currently supporting IE 7 and above and Mozilla Firefox 3 and above. If you're using a different browser such as Safari or Chrome the Currensee platform may work fairly well for you, but we don't officially support those browsers at this time, so if you see some unexpected behavior or perhaps things don't look right or work right we won't be able to fix them at this time.
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